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Our Services

Legal Consultations

Legal Consultations

Our office provides legal advice through an elite group of specialist's advisers in legal field. Our office is always working to keep up with developments and techniques of modern life. In light the rapidity of events in this period, each of us needs to realize his or her rights, duties and legal position towards something or project submitted to him very quickly and very accurately.

We have taken care our clients' Needs we do not limited ourselves to traditional ways of communicating between office and clients to get legal advice on a subject. Legal advice plays an important role in guiding and advising clients before proceeding legal procedures. 

We provided our services through qualified consultants team that providing legal advice as quickly as possible to give advice to give client opportunity to take the advice in all legal aspect as follows:

First: to provide legal advices and consultations across different resources of communication, including read, written, through electronic resources of communication.

Second: preparing different types of contracts, whether real estate, commercial or civil contracts and other agreements that required special forms from one party of the contract in accordance with proper legal track and protect client legal rights.

Third: The Office prepares legal notices and warnings and represents the clients in all establishment in UAE, both official and non-official, whether in the Public Prosecution or courts all government departments, arbitration Institutions, expert meetings and other entities within the State that relate to what serves the interest of clients.

Legal Studies

Legal Studies

Our office provides legal research services through preparation of specialized legal studies and researches in various branches of laws and regulations to build references in fields of law and consulting.

As part of our office projects providing legal training services through holding legal training courses for employees of companies and private and public institutions according to high scientific specifications that accommodate all legal disciplines, using the highest legal competencies.

Judicial and legal representation

Judicial and legal representation

Customers doing business in UAE or with UAE companies may find themselves subject to trial in court. Our legal experts have extensive experience in commercial litigation in the UAE courts and representation of plaintiffs and defendants. We understand the complex practices of the litigation process in the region and we can give you a representation in difficult cases.

Mona Rashdan Law Office has knowledge and know-how to  register and follow-up of all types of cases, civil, commercial, administrative, execution, labor and legal proceedings and criminal cases in all types of courts at all levels. .

This includes:

1)      Representing clients and appearing at all courts of various types and levels, including Court of First Instance, the Court of Appeal, the Court of Cassation, Execution, Examination or Interrogation, Notary Public Prosecutor, Public Prosecution and other judicial bodies, police departments and all other local and foreign official bodies and departments inside and outside the United Arab Emirates.

2)      Attend investigations

3)      notification Submission

4)      The prosecution, as well as follow-up, execution, etc.

Personal Status Issues

Personal Status Issues

Our services in personal status cases generally cover alimony, divorce, custody, etc. We deal with family issues through our team of specialists in personal status laws and international jurisdiction. Mona Al-Rashdan Law Firm deals with each case for any client as if it is the only case. Therefore, the Office is committed to complete all necessary documents and documents in the cases they follow without incurring the burden of moving or going  from one official to another.

Since personal status issues deal with sensitive issues in human life, we at Mona Al Rashdan Law Firm are always keen to be in demand with client and  respond to his inquiries on a continuous basis in a manner that achieves the psychological stability desired by him and the clear vision of his legal position which may remove any Fears he may have about his personal future or the future of his children.